Another Five in Path AI

Logos of Five more companies developing Artificial Intelligence in pathology.

In my last blog post, I profiled five companies developing Artificial Intelligence in anatomic pathology. In this blog, I profile five more that the pathology community should continue to watch for innovation.

Ibex Medical Analytics is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Its co-founders, Joseph (Yossi) Mossel, CEO and Chaim Linhart PhD are computer scientists.  The company has a close relationship with Maccabi Health Services Pathology department.  Ibex has been focused on prostate cancer and has a AI product to review WSI prostate biopsies for detection of prostate cancer.  The prostate reviews can be done before the pathologist sees the images (First Read) to improve efficiency, concurrently as the pathologist sees the images (Concurrent Read) or after the pathologist is finished as a quality review (Second Read).  Ibex is currently collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pathology Department.  Ibex claims “The first ever AI-based cancer diagnosis system in routine use in a clinical pathology laboratory…” presumably at Maccabi Health.

Techcyte  is a Lindon, Utah based company providing cloud based digital pathology workflow and AI products for veterinary and human pathology labs.  Techcyte has developed a white blood cell differential identifier and a fecal oval and parasite identifier for animals and for humans.  They are partnering with ARUP to develop additional pathology AI products.  Ralph Yarro, a serial entrepreneur, is Founder, CEO and Chairman. Techcyte has had two series of funding at $ 1.7 million and a $ 4.3 million.

ContextVision  is a Stockholm, Sweden based medical image company specializing in image analysis and artificial intelligence.  ContextVision initially concentrated on products in radiology and recently has started develop digital pathology AI products.  Inify Prostate identifies prostate cancer on WSI prostate biopsies before the images are presented to the pathologist.  ContextVision is a thirty-year old, publicly traded company with over 90 MSEK in earnings per year (about $ 10M).

Visiopharm  headquartered in Hoersholm, Denmark, is a pathology image analysis and AI company providing services to academic centers, contract research organizations, biopharmaceutical companies and hospital laboratories.  Visiopharm is especially strong in image analysis with many developed applications in quantitative immunohistochemistry and tissue segmentation.  Oncotopix and Biotopix are Visiopharm’s artificial intelligence, deep learning platforms and allow pathologists and scientists to develop their own diagnostic and/or prognostic algorithms.  Michael Grunkin, PhD is cofounder and CEO. Johan Dore Hansen, M. Sc, cofounder and CTO.  Visiopharm is 16 years old and is privately held.

Deciphex is based in Dublin, Ireland and is developing pathology AI products for human anatomic pathology and veterinary pathology.  Patholytix is their “scalable cloud enabled infrastructure for high throughput training and classification of pathology whole slide images.”  Their mission is to eliminate the tedious aspects of human and veterinary pathologists.  Donal Shea, PhD is the CEO and has extensive experience in digital pathology and image analysis.  Mark Gregson is the CTO and also has extensive image analysis experience.  Deciphex recently received €2 M from the EU Fast Track program.  Deciphex also has partnership with GI Partners of Illinois to develop the world’s largest gastrointestinal biopsy WSI database for deep learning algorithms.

If you don’t see your favorite pathology AI company, do not worry. I will profile more companies in future blogs.