Uberpathology Already Exists But It’s for Veterinary Pathologists

In my previous blog, I described a potential business model in which pathologists, as independent contractors working in their homes, receive digital pathology (whole slide images, WSI) consultations.  While the FDA has waited years to conclude that whole slide images are "non-inferior" to microscopic slides, veterinary pathologists have been interpreting WSI for 10 years.  Vet Paths can digitally consult with each other and share interesting cases, instantly anywhere in the world. One of the largest providers of veterinary pathology services, IDEXX, is said to be one of Philips Healthcare's largest customers of digital pathology. It is rumored that IDEXX scans over a million slides each year.  Some of these cases are interpreted internally and others are interpreted by an international network of board certified veterinary pathologists who work remotely.  Your pet's biopsy likely had access to more pathologists than your biopsy.  Medical pathologists need to be like veterinary pathologists.

Image attribution: https://www.idexx.com/en/veterinary/reference-laboratories/pathology/